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Life After Chemo


Life After Chemo

So it's been a couple of weeks since my last blog post, and that's because I've been busy living life after my last chemo!!!

My hair is still falling out and the side effects are slowlyyyy starting to fade away, but not receiving chemo has been so amazing.

I still have to continue the herceptin and perjeta but that's only once every three weeks, so it's not the worst thing in the world. I had my first treatment after chemo about 2 and a half weeks ago and I have my next one coming up this Friday! Every treatment is one closer to being done!!!

As it turns out, these medications are the ones that make my chest tight and throat itchy (I was really hoping it was the chemo so it would go away) but that's okay. It only happens during treatment. 

Some interesting and exciting things have happened since chemo has finished.

First: we recorded the music video!!! It is currently in the editing process and will be released sometime in August! The date will be announced soon!

Another exciting thing that has happened since chemo: we recorded a new single!!! It is also in the editing/mixing process so that's extremely exciting! It shall be released in the next few months! Date soon to be announced on that as well haha!!

Now for some interesting updates:

Last week some guy had the nerve to message me on Instagram and ask "what went wrong on yo chest"

What did I respond? "Cancer." And then I blocked him.

Absolutely nothing is wrong with my chest, I am perfect the way I am. My chest is a trophy of how amazing my body and I are and everything we've been through. My chest looks the way it does because the doctors saved my life and that's what had to be done. But I love my chest and the way it looks, my scars are badass and if anything, his question/comment made me love myself even more!

I also got to open up for Rachel Platten with  Heather LaRose! That was an incredible experience and so inspiring. I met a bunch of amazing women before we performed. Some of them were going through some tough times and I was inspired to go home and write a song for them.

Because of this experience and the nonsense with the Instagram guy, and a whole bunch of other reasons, I am putting together an #InstameetNYC! Basically, I am inviting all fighters, survivors, pre-vivors, body positive, kind, all gender human beings to come together in NYC to talk, share experiences, bond and make new friends!

It'll take place on September 9th: Washington Square Park at 2 pm. We'll hang out, talk, grab food, and have a good time! Feel free to come and invite anyone and everyone!


I am so happy to be moving forward in life, and I feel so blessed to have you guys supporting me. You have been so kind,  helpful, and loving and I appreciate it more than you know.

Thank you always for your continued love and support


~Bianca Muñiz


The night before...


The night before...

Tonight is the night before another procedure. As I lie here writing, I am reflecting on my past, and looking towards the future. Tomorrow I am going in to have eggs removed and stored so that I may have the possibility of having children in the future. It's a minor procedure, I only have to go under for about an hour or two.